Timber Bed – First Things First

The first step I needed to do with this project was to straighten and square the timbers. I ordered the timbers planed from the mill, but because the wood sat in my shop for quite some time, the timbers twisted and warped a bit on me. To correct this, I used a level and found a new ideal timber inside the old one.

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Timber Bed – Hand Tools

These are the hand tools that I am going to use for the timber bed project. I didn’t include everything, like a pencil or a utility knife, but I did include the majority of the tools I am going to use. They have all been numbered for reference; see below for descriptions.

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Custom Hand-Cut Bed Frame

I am starting a project to build an Asian influenced timber bed. I am going to do this project all with human-powered hand tools, no power tools at all. I am looking forward to putting away the noisy tools and exploring the techniques and precision of hand tools.

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Interior Beam Curve Cut

A curved archway is being cut on this beam for one of the timber accents in the remodel we are doing in Nelson, BC. Where walls were removed to give the house a more open feel, the curved archways will still give the sense of an entrance into the living room area.

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