Timber Framing

Timber Framing, Nelson, BC


Timber framing combines structural strength with timeless beauty, bringing old world craftsmanship into balance with modern building techniques. A timber frame can be the main frame of your home, or it can be a decorative accent piece added to an existing residential or commercial structure. TRC Timberworks also provides timber frame stairs, garages, carports, gazebos, decks, and covered porches.

Timber frames can be shipped and assembled anywhere in North America and overseas.

The large spans between posts in a timber frame allow for a variety of wall insulation systems to be used, including:

  • SIPs (structural insulated panels)
  • batt insulation
  • straw bales
  • light clay

Insulation systems that reduce thermal bridging create higher R values, resulting in a more energy efficient home.

We source timbers from local and sustainably managed forests, and the long life span of a timber frame means that the same trees will house families generation after generation. In Europe, there are timber frame buildings that are still standing after 900 years.

TRC Timberworks works closely with the client throughout the design and installation process to ensure that the project runs smoothly to completion.

TRC Timberworks is fully insured and in good standing with the WCB of British Columbia.

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