Furniture & Woodworking

Growing out of a desire to honour every piece of a tree, TRC Timberworks has expanded to offer custom furniture and woodworking.

We strive to use sustainably harvested wood and natural finishes – such as tung oil, hemp oil, and beeswax. Whenever possible, our designs incorporate woods of contrasting colours and grains to give a striking look to the finished piece.

TRC Timberworks - Furniture & Woodworking


Solid wood construction creates durable furniture that features the distinct look of each section of wood. It is important to us that our furniture be aesthetically beautiful as well as healthful and good for the planet.


Contact us with your ideas, and we can design a custom piece of furniture that suits your style and needs. Or ask us about what we have in stock today.


We ship internationally.


TRC Timberworks - Furniture & Woodworking