The Year of Mud’s 2012 Workshops

We love seeing the dedication and artistry that other natural builders bring to their work. Ziggy’s photos are an inspiring journey of home building, and we look forward to seeing more! He is hosting several workshops this year in Missouri – the info is below. ~Raina

The Year of Mud is hosting two natural building workshops in 2012 at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage — check out their Timber Framing Workshop and Straw Bale Workshops!

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Clay Plaster Workshop

We are really excited about the opportunity to have artist and natural builder Kata Polano come to Winlaw in July to lead a clay plaster workshop, including the beautiful sculpting and decorating that is possible with earthen plasters.

This is the small office we will be plastering. It is a super-insulated timber frame building that incorporates solar power and passive solar design.

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Plaster Party!

When it comes time to plaster a straw bale house, have a party and invite all your friends, family, and neighbours! Many of the tasks can be learned quickly, and the more people that come, the more fun everyone has. Even the owners’ three year old son couldn’t resist slapping on some gloves and getting a little muddy.

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