William Thurston, Rick Goulden, and Quentin Hughson, Appledale, BC

We can’t say enough good things about Tim Reilly’s (and his crew’s) knowledge, skills, friendliness, problem-solving abilities, and hard work!  We contacted Tim to help us build the light-clay dream home that we had designed.  In particular, we needed his expertise and exacting labour to put in the foundation, build the double-stud walls, and install the roof.  The work was accomplished in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Tim is very knowledgeable about environmentally responsible building, and he frequently provided us with excellent advice about products and techniques.  He listened to our concerns and suggestions, and he added some lovely timber touches to the structure that make it even more special to us.  We loved how he up-cycled used materials and produced very little waste on the site, which he and his crew left spotlessly clean and ready for us to take over the rest of the construction on our own.  The end result is even better than we’d expected with Tim’s eye for detail and high quality workmanship.  We hope to be able to invite Tim and his crew back in the future to help with other building projects.  Thanks so much, Tim!

Brenda and Jolayne, Balfour, BC

We hired Tim of TRC Timberworks to install our cabinets in our new home.  This was a bit of a unique install as the cabinets were designed in Riondel, built in Calgary, and installed in our house on the North Shore.  Tim did an amazing job of working with all of us to produce an end result that was professional, time efficient and just plain beautiful.  Tim is a detail guy and we so appreciated how he took the time to do things with precision and care.  He definitely takes pride in his workmanship, as was evident in our install. 

We enjoyed working with Tim so much that it was a sad day when he finished the job.  In his few short weeks on site, he became a part of our “building family”.

Thank you Tim for your craftsmanship, for your friendship and for making our beautiful kitchen come to life.

L. Duska, Dreamline DesignWorks

It was a pleasure working with TRC Timberworks.  Communication was clear, the installations were as designed, and the small challenges inevitable in any project were dealt with quickly and properly.  Thanks Tim!

Yvonne Kiwior, Blewett, BC

We’ve had TRC Timberworks come and do many jobs for us over the last couple of years, so as you can imagine, I can tell you lots of great stories, but I will be brief. Tim is an amazing fellow to say the least but as for a contractor, he’s the best!

Most important, his desire to succeed shines with his communication skills and promptness. Always there when he says he’ll be there, which I found very important because we all are busy people with lots going on. Tim listened with interest and concern for our desires to the projects and he asked questions when I wasn’t clear enough. It was always easy to write my cheques promptly when he delivered his invoices because we were always pleased.

As for his skills with his craft: “amazing”. He never ceases to amaze me, so young and yet so clever! Tim takes his time to do the job right, I loved his enthusiasm! He was a complete joy to have on site each and every day, and I look forward to more projects with him and his company in the future.

Charles & Dianne Garden, Slocan, BC

Our home project was anything but traditional. We set out to create a 4 floor split level true A-frame; entirely out of  engineered wood products. Tim adapted instantly to the laminated timbers and the bolted hidden-plate joinery. He maintained a good working relationship with our engineer, which is a must when building a timber frame home. My wife Dianne was overjoyed at being welcomed into productive design and solution discussions.

Tim is a very personable and infectiously relaxed gentleman. We trust his craftsmanship insomuch that I hope to have him return and tackle the vertical walls, which are an IR efficient curtain-wall glass system. Fortunately, Tim welcomes and meets any challenge. Our frame is the showpiece of our home’s design, and is completely visible throughout the structure. It is truly a thing of beauty. Tim’s work, and ethic, are first class in every regard.

Janet Lohmann, Maplerose, Nelson, BC

Tim was an incredible asset when I moved my store Maplerose to it’s new location. The renovations of the new space had to happen in a short and exact time frame in order to minimize business disruptions. Tim was right on time with everything and we were ready to open on schedule. We wanted the shelving and counter space to have an organic, natural look and Tim was able to bring all my ideas to life. Our customers often comment on the beauty of the store space. He was easy to work and communicate with, and his work is impeccable.

Sean Breathnach, Beyond The Bale

I have collaborated with Tim for several years on a range of timber-framing and natural building projects in the West Kootenays. Building can be a stressful business, but Tim has a calm and easy going demeanour while working, which makes the inevitable challenges of construction seem simple to deal with. All the people involved from top to bottom are treated with respect and their input is valued, which makes for an enjoyable and productive workplace.

Tim’s attention to detail and understanding of the whole building process from start to finish makes sure that no corners are cut and the best building practices are used throughout. His woodworking skills shine in the finer aspects of home building to create beautiful finished interiors. He is a passionate and thoughtful craftsman who is always open to learning new (or old) ways of building, and his professionalism ensures clients are kept informed and engaged in the process of creating what they want and dream of.

James & Nadine Buchanan, Vallican, BC

A few years ago, my wife and I bought a home with some timber frame accents… deck, stairs, etc., so when it came time to consider additional renovations, it just made sense to track down the company that did the original work. Tim Reilly was very helpful through the design and quoting processes, informing our decisions with his considerable experience. We always felt like he had our best interests at heart and his work ethic was evident in every communication. While we aren’t quite ready to build our dream timber frame home, we know that when we do, we’ll be very comfortable contracting TRC Timberworks for the job. In short, we believe Tim has the knowledge and expertise to satisfy every detail of our ‘forever home’.

Ross & Deb Gardner, Edmonton, AB

We contacted Tim at TRC Timberworks because we wanted to renovate our basement. We were both really happy with how our experience with Tim. He was always very friendly and accommodating, he was very reasonable with both his billing and his attitude, and just generally a pleasure to work with. He has a high attention to detail which really shows in the final work. He also had some really good ideas which added that little something special to the basement, especially with all of the little wood touches. He really had a talent and passion for woodworking! We would highly recommend Tim and TRC Timberworks for any job, and will definitely be calling him for our next renovation: the upstairs kitchen!

Kay Kenny, Red Deer, AB

The hardwood floor that Tim Reilly installed for us is a show piece of our home, and we are extremely pleased with how it artistically frames our fireplace. The rich looking birch wood is accented with perfect angles. We are happy that we chose to have Tim do our hardwood floor, as his friendly manner and superb craftsmanship made it a pleasure to work with him throughout.