I am starting a project to build an Asian influenced timber bed. I am going to do this project all with human-powered hand tools, no power tools at all. I am looking forward to putting away the noisy tools and exploring the techniques and precision of hand tools.

I have wanted to do this project for 2 ½ years now as a wedding gift for my brother and his wife, and I now have the time to focus on creating the bed in the peaceful, meditative way that is fostered by using hand tools. As well as being hand cut, I am going to be using all wooden joinery – no metal fasteners.

To date I have used primarily power tools for timber framing, so many of the traditional hand-powered tools I will be using are new to me. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on how I might do things better or differently, please feel free to e-mail me your suggestions at: info@trctimberworks.com

Check back often for updates on my progress.