A woodchip clay wall that was made by infilling the woodchip/clay mixture into plywood forms, then removing the forms to allow the wall to dry. This was part of a large project in Winlaw. The infill walls were done two years ago by Cindy Walker and Peggy Frith, and now the homeowners are ready to do the earthen plaster.

This photo shows the interior walls, which are 3.5 inches thick (framed with 2x4s). The exerior walls are 12 inches thick, to provide a much higher level of insulation and thermal mass.

I’ve been helping mix plaster, sling buckets, apply plaster, and trowel the brown coat of earthen plaster on these walls. The homeowner as well as Cindy and Peggy are overseeing and supervising the project, and it’s going really well with a great crew of natural plasterers. I come home muddy and well excercised at the end of each day!