At the end of a raising, it is traditional to attach a tree bough to the peak of the frame to honour the trees who gave their wood for the building. In this case, a fir bough was used, as all but two timbers in the frame were fir.

A timber frame is more than a house. Each timber has its own unique character, and living in a timber home brings the family into closer contact with the trees from which the timbers were milled.

The durability of this building method has been tested over time, evidenced by the fact that many frames built in the 1100’s are still standing today. Living in a timber frame home connects us to a sense craftsmanship and history.

In a culture of constant movement and transience, there is something special about living in a home that will stand for generations, sheltering and nurturing our grandchildren’s grandchildren. A timber frame home embodies a tradition of putting down roots and honouring the trees that have lent us their strength and resilience.

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