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Timber Bed – First Things First

The first step I needed to do with this project was to straighten and square the timbers. I ordered the timbers planed from the mill, but because the wood sat in my shop for quite some time, the timbers twisted and warped a bit on me. To correct this, I used a level and found a new ideal timber inside the old one.

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Timber Bed – Hand Tools

These are the hand tools that I am going to use for the timber bed project. I didn’t include everything, like a pencil or a utility knife, but I did include the majority of the tools I am going to use. They have all been numbered for reference; see below for descriptions.

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Custom Hand-Cut Bed Frame

I am starting a project to build an Asian influenced timber bed. I am going to do this project all with human-powered hand tools, no power tools at all. I am looking forward to putting away the noisy tools and exploring the techniques and precision of hand tools.

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