Well, September ended with a bang — literally! I hit an elk on the highway on the way to a job site, and this is what happened to my reliable green work truck. Unfortunately, the elk faired far worse, although I understand that the meat from the elk went to the soup kitchen, which made me feel a bit better about such a magnificent animal losing its life.

Luckily I came away with only a big scrape on one forearm. But of course the work truck was a total write off. It’s sad to see the end of such a good truck – it had been with me for 8 years; it even helped me build my own house.

I had already been researching diesel trucks for almost a year to find one that will work well for biodiesel, and now all of a sudden it’s time for truck shopping! We are very lucky to have a biodiesel manufacturer right in Winlaw: http://revolutionbiodiesel.ca/

I’m excited to take one more step towards reducing the ecological footprint of my business. ~Tim