Yes, the words “Happy” and “Work” can be in the same sentence! Especially when my family visits, and I get a big hug from my sweet daughter.

One of my goals is to create worksites that are both healthy and enjoyable. A 40 hour work week means we are spending a quarter of our lives at a worksite or office. I am still living while I am working, and I want my life to be purposeful, fulfilling, and enjoyable. So how can I achieve this at the worksite for me and everyone I work with?

Relationship building. Respectful communication. Safety for everyone on site and visitors (even family!) Healthy practices of using natural materials free of chemicals and pollutants. No smoking on site. Conflict resolution until everyone wins. Satisfaction in interesting and well-crafted projects. Shelter that is a home, not just a building. Personal growth through choice and dedication. A team where everyone is valued and listened to.

Happy worksites. Shouldn’t this be the norm? I plan to do my best to make it the norm. Will you join me?