We chose a corner of our yard to start a compost pile for our compostable diapers. This will be a separate compost pile from the one we use for the kitchen scraps compost that gets added to the garden. Humanure takes longer to compost to ensure safety from pathogens.

We have a small indoor garbage pail with a lid for the diapers beside the change table, and once it was full, we dumped the lot of them on top of a bed of straw to start. It took over a week to fill the pail, and by the time we put the diapers on the compost pile, the bottom ones had started to mould already.

A friend who has used a humanure system in her house suggested adding a few kitchen scraps along with the diapers to encourage the decomposition process. Next we shoveled on some composted horse manure to cut the smell for bears and dogs and to add worms and microorganisms. Finally, we raided our straw mulch pile to add some carbon and fiber for air pockets.

For more details on a humanure system, check out http://www.humanurehandbook.com/
You can download the Humanure Handbook free in PDF format from the web site, or you can buy an e-book or a paper copy if you would rather.