Timbers salvaged from an old or unused building can be planed and refinished, reducing the ecological footprint of a new project. Here is a fun application for reused timbers: a sandbox!

Old barns or timber framed buildings may fall into disrepair over time but still have timbers that remain structurally sound. Dismantling and refinishing this wood means fewer live trees are harvested for the construction of a new building.

As a testament to how long timbers can last when they are protected from weather, there are still timber framed buildings standing and in use in Europe that are 900 years old, and a timber framed temple in Japan is 1300 years old.

This sandbox was a fun way to reuse some timbers – notice the old peg holes on the corners. The lid (added to keep out the cat!) was built in two parts of 2 feet by 4 feet each, so that our four year old son can easily lift and close the lid sections himself.