Tag: Timber Accents

Cloudlifts to Hawaii!

The wonderful folks at Mandala Homes asked me to help out with some timber accent details for a home that is being pre-fabricated in Nelson, BC and then shipped and assembled in Hawaii. The cloudlift design cut into the ends of these…

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Timber Accent Porch

The owners of this new modular home wanted a timber look for their front porch, so they asked me to design and build an accent piece for their porch roof structure. They were really pleased when they saw it go up. It adds a timeless classic element, and the curves cut into the beam and the braces add a softer contrast to the straight lines of the house.

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Interior Beam Curve Cut

A curved archway is being cut on this beam for one of the timber accents in the remodel we are doing in Nelson, BC. Where walls were removed to give the house a more open feel, the curved archways will still give the sense of an entrance into the living room area.

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