Tag: Carpentry

Walnut Sideboard Apron Joinery

The apron of a table or sideboard creates the stability for the legs where they connect to the flat top. In order to maximize the strength of the joinery on this sideboard, I cut the apron pieces with longer tenons mitred at 45 degrees so that they will meet each other inside the legs and allow more surface area for the glue up.

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Cabinets In A Straw Bale House

Here is a view of the cabinets installed in this straw bale house in British Columbia. The PaperStone countertop is a polished addition to the cherry cabintery. Although small, the house design optimizes the use of space to create a very comfortable nest for family of three.

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Happy Worksite

Yes, the words “Happy” and “Work” can be in the same sentence! Especially when my family visits, and I get a big hug from my sweet daughter.

One of my goals is to create worksites that are both healthy and enjoyable. A 40 hour work week means we are spending a quarter of our lives at a worksite or office. I am still living while I am working, and I want my life to be purposeful, fulfilling, and enjoyable. So how can I achieve this at the worksite for me and everyone I work with?

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Prep for Baling

It’s exciting to start stacking the bales, and taking the time to pay attention to the preparations for baling ensures that the whole project will be a success.

The second floor of this house is to have straw bale insulation, and a proper foundation for the bales is vital to keep out unwanted critters and ensure moisture drains out of the wall in the rare event that water enters due to extreme weather or a roof leakage.

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Curved Beam Rafters

The rafters were the brain exercise on this curved roof, as the birdsmouths and end cuts changed on each one. Every rafter had to be calculated precisely and custom cut to ensure they would properly fit the angles of the curve.

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Laminating Curved Beam

Part of the remodel we are doing in Nelson calls for a covered deck with a curved roof. Using a solid timber to create this beam would have required an enormous old growth tree and lots of cut off waste, so we used a different strategy to mitigate waste and achieve the complex curve.

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