We loved using cloth diapers for our son throughout his infancy, and after a bit of minor mending with the sewing machine, the same diapers are keeping our five month old daughter dry. But in the interests of helping her (and us!) sleep better through the night, a compostable diaper works well to help her feel dry and sleep longer.

We were using a Seventh Generation non-chlorine diaper at night. Then we found compostable diapers at our local natural food store. They are made by a company called Broody Chick out of Victoria, and we were excited to give them a try. Their web site is http://www.broodychick.com/

The diaper has helped our daughter sleep well at night, and we will soon need to find a spot for a separate humanure compost pile. We also tried the “Junior” size of compostable diapers for our four year old son, as he sometimes needs one at night as well. Bigger kids means more volume, and so far so dry! I’m interested to see how the composting process goes with these diapers.

The only downside to these diapers that we can see at this point is that the wood pulp fibres are not listed as coming from sustainably harvested sources. An even better option than cloth or compostable diapers would be elimination communication (diaper free), although we haven’t quite figured that one out yet!