Tag: Straw Bale

The Bales Arrive!

An exciting day when the bales arrive…. now to stack them under cover!

An advantage to having the roof built on a timber structure before the bales arrive is knowing that the straw will be protected from the weather. This roof was designed to have 3′ overhangs to keep driving rain and snow off the straw bale walls once they are stacked and plastered.

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Clay Plaster Workshop

We are really excited about the opportunity to have artist and natural builder Kata Polano come to Winlaw in July to lead a clay plaster workshop, including the beautiful sculpting and decorating that is possible with earthen plasters.

This is the small office we will be plastering. It is a super-insulated timber frame building that incorporates solar power and passive solar design.

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Cherry Window Sill

The deep window sills are one of the attractive features of straw bale building. The walls are as thick as the straw bales, and the window is mounted flush with the outside of the wall to prevent rain or snow from damaging the plaster below the window. Crafting a beautiful deep window sill from either wood, tile, or plaster creates a space for sitting, leaning out to admire the view, or decorating with photos or plants.

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