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The Bales Arrive!

An exciting day when the bales arrive…. now to stack them under cover!

An advantage to having the roof built on a timber structure before the bales arrive is knowing that the straw will be protected from the weather. This roof was designed to have 3′ overhangs to keep driving rain and snow off the straw bale walls once they are stacked and plastered.

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Curved Beam Rafters

The rafters were the brain exercise on this curved roof, as the birdsmouths and end cuts changed on each one. Every rafter had to be calculated precisely and custom cut to ensure they would properly fit the angles of the curve.

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Laminating Curved Beam

Part of the remodel we are doing in Nelson calls for a covered deck with a curved roof. Using a solid timber to create this beam would have required an enormous old growth tree and lots of cut off waste, so we used a different strategy to mitigate waste and achieve the complex curve.

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Cedar Soffit

The cedar soffit on this straw bale house has a one and a half inch vent running the length of the overhang to allow for the air flow through the roof structure. The vent has screen behind it to prevent entry of insects or small animals to the roof cavity.

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Roof Replacement

The family that bought this house found what they thought was a minor roof leak causing a discolouring of the ceiling drywall. After inspection, they realized that the roof had been built without tar paper, causing major leak and insulation issues.

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