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Kitchen Sideboard Finished

It’s like magic to me the transformation that occurs when a tree is honoured by creating a piece of lasting beauty from its wood.

I prefer to use solid wood for furniture rather than veneered plywood. Solid wood has a richer feeling and a harmonic essence. It is a joy to work with the grain of each individual piece of wood, responding to its structure and at the same time coaxing it into a certain form.

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Cherry Trivets

These are some cherry trivets (hot pads) that I played around with for the kitchen. The variations in colour and grain in the cherry wood are very attractive, and having beautiful wood trivets for the tea pot makes having a cup of tea even more appealing. They are coated with two applications of LandArk natural oil finish and one application of food grade beeswax and mineral oil top coat.

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Happy Winner!

Our five year old son was so excited to help with the draw for the maple & walnut cutting boards that were the draw prize we offered at the Castlegar Home & Lifestyle Expo. He drew the name of the happy winner, and here is a photo. Enjoy them, Deb!

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Maple & Walnut Cutting Boards

I have been experimenting with using various types of wood together which have different colours and grain patterns. I liked how the colours of the maple and black walnut woods were so striking when alternated with each other, so I decided to make a set of cutting boards in this style.

The small board is light and very portable, useful as a cheese board or for small items. The bigger board I made with thicker pieces of wood to be a sturdy all-purpose cutting board in the kitchen. I was really happy with the result, and so were all the people who entered to win these in the draw I offered at the Castlegar Home Expo!

The cutting boards were finished with food grade hemp oil and beeswax.

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Cabinets In A Straw Bale House

Here is a view of the cabinets installed in this straw bale house in British Columbia. The PaperStone countertop is a polished addition to the cherry cabintery. Although small, the house design optimizes the use of space to create a very comfortable nest for family of three.

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