Tag: Earthen Plaster

Nicho (Niche)

A nicho (Spanish for “niche”) can be carved into a bale wall to add character as a spot for a statue or artwork. Straw bale building lends itself to creative shaping of the plaster walls, using the depth of the bales to advantage in crafting custom features.

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Plaster Party!

When it comes time to plaster a straw bale house, have a party and invite all your friends, family, and neighbours! Many of the tasks can be learned quickly, and the more people that come, the more fun everyone has. Even the owners’ three year old son couldn’t resist slapping on some gloves and getting a little muddy.

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Plaster Tests

Plaster tests are done before plastering to decide on the right mixture of ingredients for the current application. The tests are allowed to fully dry and then are inspected for how well they continue to adhere to the bale wall and whether there are any issues with cracking.

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