Yvonne Kiwior, Blewett, BC

We’ve had TRC Timberworks come and do many jobs for us over the last couple of years, so as you can imagine, I can tell you lots of great stories, but I will be brief. Tim is an amazing fellow to say the least but as for a contractor, he’s the best!

Most important, his desire to succeed shines with his communication skills and promptness. Always there when he says he’ll be there, which I found very important because we all are busy people with lots going on. Tim listened with interest and concern for our desires to the projects and he asked questions when I wasn’t clear enough. It was always easy to write my cheques promptly when he delivered his invoices because we were always pleased.

As for his skills with his craft: “amazing”. He never ceases to amaze me, so young and yet so clever! Tim takes his time to do the job right, I loved his enthusiasm! He was a complete joy to have on site each and every day, and I look forward to more projects with him and his company in the future.