Sean Breathnach, Beyond The Bale

I have collaborated with Tim for several years on a range of timber-framing and natural building projects in the West Kootenays. Building can be a stressful business, but Tim has a calm and easy going demeanour while working, which makes the inevitable challenges of construction seem simple to deal with. All the people involved from top to bottom are treated with respect and their input is valued, which makes for an enjoyable and productive workplace.

Tim’s attention to detail and understanding of the whole building process from start to finish makes sure that no corners are cut and the best building practices are used throughout. His woodworking skills shine in the finer aspects of home building to create beautiful finished interiors. He is a passionate and thoughtful craftsman who is always open to learning new (or old) ways of building, and his professionalism ensures clients are kept informed and engaged in the process of creating what they want and dream of.