Brenda and Jolayne, Balfour, BC

We hired Tim of TRC Timberworks to install our cabinets in our new home.  This was a bit of a unique install as the cabinets were designed in Riondel, built in Calgary, and installed in our house on the North Shore.  Tim did an amazing job of working with all of us to produce an end result that was professional, time efficient and just plain beautiful.  Tim is a detail guy and we so appreciated how he took the time to do things with precision and care.  He definitely takes pride in his workmanship, as was evident in our install. 

We enjoyed working with Tim so much that it was a sad day when he finished the job.  In his few short weeks on site, he became a part of our “building family”.

Thank you Tim for your craftsmanship, for your friendship and for making our beautiful kitchen come to life.